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Features: sexual education, ecological education, drug prevention, games, etc.

For iOS devices, the application is accessible through the AppStore, and for Android devices, it may be installed from the GooglePlay store. Currently, the application is only available in Hungarian. Please support us in our efforts to translate it into multiple languages, including Yours!

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The LoveInfo Global app is free to download. It was made with an intent to help youngsters to learn to avoid the dangers they face (e.g. STDs, unintended pregnancies, addiction, etc.). It offers the curious reader a lot of useful information and knowledge, and it can even give concrete help when in trouble.

What would be more self-evident in the age of smartphones, than an app which can anyone can download and find out what he/she never dared to ask about sex and the body… It’s quickly accessible, illustrated with funny graphics, and in a language that could be understood from age 12.

Using the quiz in the app, the Young can check their knowledge, and learn by playing. If successfully filled out, the user gets tips in three topics. The first is supposed to increase the personal success of boys, the other one that of girls, and the third helps to improve the quality of personal connections.

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It is the right of every child

The LoveInfo Global team collaborates with the BOCS Foundation since 2017, and as a result, we improved and expanded the application together. The BOCS functions since 1975, does its work as a Foundation since 1994, and was deemed a public benefit foundation in 1999.

Due to our cooperation, by supporting the BOCS Foundation, you are helping LoveInfo Global.